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Basic Components of a Survival Kit

The great outdoors are a wonderful place to be in, for fun and also for exercise. There is no end to the amount of fun you shall get while out there. There is also a lot that could go wrong out there. This requires you to go prepared. When you are so far away from civilization, you need to have survival gear that will help you cope with the situation. There are items that must be in any assembled survival great package.

For communication, you need to have a mobile phone or radio. The phone should have enough power, and be within the network coverage area. You should also carry a GPS unit. Its advantage is that you can use it at any location of the world to tell your bearings.

You also need to carry a knife. They are more convenient to carry and still function well when you need to cook or build something.

You will also need a first aid kit in case you get injured. With it, you shall survive until you get proper medical attention.

You need to also have some water on you. There is always a rush to get other survival gear ready, that people forget the importance of having water nearby while far away.
Water is important in keeping you hydrated, and preventing heat stroke. You will also need to have some food that is not so easily perishable. You need it to be in the right packaging, so that it does not turn inedible while you are still out there.

You will also need some material to build a shelter with. A knife alone will not be enough. This will be how you kept yourself dry and protected if it begins to rain or snow.

You need to also dress in layers of clothes. You will need the rain layers when it gets hot out there. The thick layers work best when it gets cold, or at night. It is important to have clothes that repel the rain, such as caps and hats. When you are in layered clothing, you can easily adapt to the temperature changes in your surroundings.

You need to also have on the right kind of footwear. If you will be going for long distances, you should make sure your feet are not in uncomfortable shoes all the way. This becomes apparent the minute you get lost out there.

You must remember to carry a flashlight. It is what may end up saving your life. You need it for when it gets dark, whether you are in familiar or unfamiliar territory. You need to see your steps whether you know where you are or not.

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